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Dave speaks regularly in Minnesota on topics related to the United States Constitution, founding principles, and United States history...

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Buy Compact of the Republic

Dave's book makes the case for the compact view of the union, and throws a wrench into the wheel of contemporary legal thought...

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Dave writes for the Tenth Amendment Center, and has appeared in local publications, television, and radio interviews...

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Does the 14th Amendment Grant Citizenship to Children of Foreigners?

Today, most people believe that children of illegal aliens who are born in the United States are automatically conferred citizenship by virtue of the 14th Amendment. American politicians regularly pontificate on this topic, basing their positions on constitutional and humanitarian grounds. The issue is considered settled by the federal courts, which have announced continually that […]

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judicial edict

Edict and Oligarchy: The Modern Federal Judiciary

In the aftermath of the recent Supreme Court decisions, many in the liberty movement have come to a vexing realization – the fact that most people have no problem with edicts, as long as they find favor with the edict in question. However, this type of governance is exactly what Americans are asking for when they allow five unelected political appointees to place binding mandates upon 320 million people.

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