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Dave speaks regularly in Minnesota on topics related to the United States Constitution, founding principles, and United States history...

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Dave's book makes the case for the compact view of the union, and throws a wrench into the wheel of contemporary legal thought...

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Dave writes for the Tenth Amendment Center, and has appeared in local publications, television, and radio interviews...

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Hampton Roads, A Twist in the Myth

Lincoln’s principal objective was to suppress southern secession efforts, eliminate southern independence, and eradicate the federal political system the south solemnly desired to maintain. If anything, history proves that Lincoln considered slavery as nothing more than a political bargaining chip.

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James Iredell, North Carolina’s Greatest Legal Mind

Iredell passed away in 1799, long before the federal judiciary siphoned immense power from the states and adopted the confounding proclivities of the John Marshall Court. For his part, Iredell had nothing to do with this alarming transition – he defended the Constitution as it was accepted by the states, not as it was molded by the energetic masterminds of the Federalist Party.

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Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates

Refusing to go past the line of defense prescribed by Congress, Jefferson fostered an encouraging early example for how the executive was to carry out foreign policy. The discipline maintained by Jefferson during this ordeal undoubtedly exemplified the plausibility of an executive much unlike all hereditary monarchs in the world at the time.

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Federally Administered Districts: The Original Intent

Realizing that the legislature, executive office, and judiciary instituted by the proposed plan for government would require physical space, the writers of the Constitution sought to create a special administrative district that could facilitate the presence of the general government: “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles […]

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