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Dave Benner speaks regularly in Minnesota on topics related to the United States Constitution, founding principles, and United States history...

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Dave believes the internet to be a vital tool for the purposes of communicating and spreading causes consistent with liberty and the Constitution...

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Dave writes for the Tenth Amendment Center, and has appeared in local publications, television, and radio interviews...

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Franklin Pierce: Reviled Jeffersonian

Sometimes opponents of nullification base their opposition on the claim that Jefferson and Madison’s blueprint against federal overreach could only have applied to a unique situation present in 1798. The Alien and Sedition Acts, they say, represented an extreme situation for which there was an applicable remedy, but those ideas have died and can never […]

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A Convention of States

I have often heard from people I deeply respect that it is untenable to amend the Constitution through an Article V Convention of the states because the federal government doesn’t respect current constitutional limitations to begin with. Considering this, their argument holds that new amendments would be unavoidably ineffectual and feeble. While this is a […]

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The National Popular Vote

It has been suggested that this system would not eradicate the Electoral College at all, since the states have this power according to Article I. However, the paramount goal of those who advocate this system is to replace the Electoral College entirely, and for each state to adopt this approach. In doing so, it is effectively a “backdoor” way of amending the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College entirely.

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Nullification Works!

The inclination to grant monopoly power to the federal government in order to define the extent of its own authority has proven disastrous. Instead, we can bring about the potential of nullification with the understanding that liberty is more likely to exist when localities are spurred to act as a bulwark of resistance against federal overreach. The catalyst for this remedy must always be the individual.

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