The Tenth Amendment Center:

Dave often lends his efforts to the Tenth Amendment Center, where he contributes writings related to liberty, United States History, and the Constitution. Please take a look at my article archive here.


The Abbeville Institute:

Dave also contributes to The Abbeville Institute, where he writes about southern history the founding era. Please check out his archive here.



Dave is a frequent speaker, and has developed speeches on a variety of topics related to United States History. Here are a few that have been recorded:

Other Appearances:

Dave is also a regular guest on local and national radio programs. Please take a look below at a few of my media engagements.

Off the Grid News (Interview):

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Up & At Em (Interview):

Dave Benner, Author of Compact of the Republic

Minnesota Tea Party Alliance Podcast (Interview):

Dave Benner, Constitutional Scholar

The Tony Hernandez Show:

Nullification Discussion

Dave Benner, Constitutional Scholar, on War Powers

Fightin’ Words Podcast with Walter Hudson:

Considering National Popular Vote Part I

Considering National Popular Vote Part II